Ruby in the Rough

"Did you arrive in the city with any ideals or lofty expectations?

[Eileen Myles] Of course. I planned to become a famous poet.”

Stealing this answer for future interviews tbh

"How slow life is, how violent hope is."

- Guillaume Apollinaire (via danceray)

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Rosario Dawson smoking in a schoolgirl outfit. From the film 25th hour.

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When were in Medellín
the chief said
“There is no depression
in our community
everyone plays a role,
we always have something to do”

I have nothing to do
so I sit and drink
until someone offers me an escape

the last remnants of sun touch my shoulders
I apply ruby red lipstick liberally

fragment of a larger poem
I cut up to use in Thrust

"I love contemporary poetry because it moves between what we call poetry and what we call philosophy. It joins these fields and makes writing more natural, as in how it is lived in the person. We don’t separate thinking from feeling in real life, so why should we separate it in writing?"

- Etel Adnan 

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My tongue is elegy.
When I am captive. I am
the color green because
green is the color of power.
I am a tree growing two fruits.
I feel most colored when I am
thrown against the sidewalk.
It is the last time I feel colored.

If you read one poem today…