Ruby in the Rough

"The disciplining of the body is the precondition of industrial existence."

- Against the Gendered Nightmare - baedan 

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(The burrito babe)
Yeah, you look like you’re from New York
Is that a good thing?
Yeah, that’s a good thing.
But you don’t sound like you’re from New York
Is that a good thing?
Yeah, that’s a good thing
I’m reading some poetry tonight down the road…
Burrito babe wrinkled up his nose & said
Ugh, poetry
Ugh, poetry.

who’s afraid of aging again

You should see me in them jeans / 
It’s hard to describe and /
Being cocky is just a part of the vibe

Foxy Brown

"You are too sentimental. It makes you reject the dreadful."

- Bernadette Mayer (via carrieabigstick)



Poetry by Ruby Brunton

Vanya plays his accordion
as we reach the harbor at Chacahua
women start to sway their hips,
the men pull our boat in

Vanya plays his accordion
100 smiling children start to dance
They lead us along the beach,
sand forming clouds behind them

Pescadillos, tostadas & empanadas
are brought out on plastic trays
the servers, age 8, radiate in
their shiny purple finery

You know nothing of the delicate balance
of this economy

Vanya puts down his accordion
long enough to eat
if it weren’t for the heat
I’d want his body on top of mine

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The lyrics to Andre 3000’s verse in International Players Anthem should be framed and put up in the Smithsonian Museum

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Anonymous asked: Did you quit Twitter?

i’m not doing enough
wait, doing too much
i have writer’s block
no, tweeter’s block
i shouldn’t’ve sent that
i was drunk
what if *she* sees this
hope this subtweet
gets seen
why didn’t i write my
i can’t finish my zine
oooh, that’s a hot .avi
shoulda fav’d but
pride to swallow
wish i’d retweeted that
too late now
need a break
shit, i missed you guys